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Cosmetics & Esthetics

Contact Lens

contactcPhysicians at the Medical Eye Center will perform a comprehensive ocular examination in which they will determine to determine the health of your eyes. A refraction may be done to sharpen your vision and a glasses prescription would be given. Our doctors will be happy to perform the special tests needed to ensure proper contact lens fitting and evaluation; simply notify us when you schedule your appointment so that we can schedule the extra time needed during your eye examination. Your contact lens evaluation and fitting will attempt to maximize your life style needs while maintaining and protecting the structural integrity of your eyes. Our physicians will discuss the types of lenses available including soft, gas permeable hard, astigmatic and bifocal lenses and help determine the best type given your individual needs. Similarly if you have an irregular astigmatism or keratoconus our specialists will work with you to make contact lens wearing a successful reality. Keratometry will be performed to measure the curvature of the front of your eye to be certain that the contact lens is neither too steep or flat.. Once the lens is placed on your eye a biomicroscope examination will be done to visualize the interface between your cornea, the tear film and the lens itself. Our technical staff will instruct you on the best techniques for insertion and care of your lenses.

Botox Injections and Fillers

botoxBotox injections will temporarily reduce wrinkles and restore a more youthful appearance to your face.  The most common areas injected with Botox are the #11 between the eye brows and the “crow’s feet” at the lateral canthus of the eye. Prior to Botox being used for cosmetic purposes physicians of the Medical Eye Center have been using these injections to treat malalignment of the eyes and spasms of the eyelid. When Botox Cosmetic became popular we naturally progressed into the esthetics realm. Given the proximity of the location of these injections being so close to the eye many patients prefer their Botox injection be given by ophthalmologists as we know the eye anatomy better than any other physicians.

Our long experience with Botox lead to the physicians of the Medical Eye Center gaining experience and confidence with fillers.

Cosmetically Botox is best for wrinkles from the eyes and upwards such as the horizontal lines on the forehead. Fillers are best for the deep furrows that extend from the sides of your nose to the mouth known as the nasolabial fold. Fillers many months longer than Botox and have an analgesic incorporated into the syringe to prevent discomfort.  The physicians of the Medical Eye Center do not make their living doing these injections but if you want a physician who knows the anatomy of where to give the injections and how to give them and who have had these injections done on themselves we can help you.